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In 1979 a group of women came together with a shared vision of a place where parents and caregivers could meet and discuss parenting, learn from each other, and share ideas while at the same time provide early learning opportunities for children. Belief in this vision led to establishing Our Place. Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression — foundational conditions important for families to grow and flourish — capture the essence of what Our Place is. That is what the last 40 are based on and why we remain vital to children, their families and the community.

For many years, the motto for Our Place has been 'Our Place is YOUR Place'.  It truly is and the belief is embedded in the relationships we form, the programs and services we deliver, and the community we build. 

Our Mission


Our Place, Your Place,
Any Place 


  • We grow to meet changing needs in our community

  • We welcome parents, caregivers and children to a space of learning and nurturing

  • We reach families in their neighbourhoods 

Our Place is at the heart of connections for children, families and communities.

Our Vision

Emily Robson, President (Board term 2013 - present)
Susan Roy, Vice-President (Board term 2015 - present)
Lindsay Mund, Treasurer (Board term 2012 - present)
Melynda Pomeroy, Secretary (Board term 2015 - present)
Alicia Carter, Director (Board term 2017 - present)
Lindsay Golds, Director (Board term 2018 - present)
Alex Glass, Director (Board term 2021 - present)
Fadhilah Balogun, Director (Board term 2021 - present)

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Our Place Board of Directors

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