A Place to Be Real

“Stork Secrets helped me not feel alone with my struggles and gave me a sense of connection with others.” Amanda M.

A Place to Be Real

“Looking at social media, it seems like everyone else is momming better than you,” says Amanda M. She joined the Our Place Stork Secrets group when her son was just a few months old and continued attending for several months. “It was the highlight of my week,” says Amanda. “I enjoyed the group because it was real. It wasn’t all about the fun stuff of parenting. We talked about the challenging days too.” As a result, Amanda felt like she could be honest when she didn’t feel like a great mom.

She appreciated the “down-to-earth” facilitators who have professional training and lived-experience as parents. Amanda says that Stork Secrets’ facilitators provided helpful educational information, but this took a backseat to giving parents time to talk. “There was always time for you to share if you needed to.”

Amanda met parents from “all walks of life” at Stork Secrets. “People in the group already had mental health issues, but not everyone.” Amanda was not experiencing depression; she just needed support. “You get isolated with a new baby, especially during COVID.” Amanda’s son was born just as the pandemic began. “Stork Secrets helped me not feel alone with my struggles and gave me a sense of connection with others.”

When her teen daughter was born 14 years ago, Amanda did not have the same support. “I had no idea what was normal and what wasn’t.” Both of her children have had sleep issues, which created stress. “As parents, we worry about our kids’ hitting milestones.” She says that talking to other parents helped to normalize her experiences and reduce anxiety. But, she adds, “For the stuff you do need to stress about, it’s nice to have people supporting you.”

Amanda had a “glowing review” for Our Place and the Stork Secrets Group. “If you are a new mom, I totally recommend joining the group. It’s so helpful to connect with other moms and to have a support group of parents at the same stage of life as you.”