Stork Secrets

Pregnancy and Postpartum Adjustment Peer Support

Please Note: 

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 this program will not be taking place as a face-to-face program.  We hope to resume in-person programs in Winter 2022.

At this time, we are offering Stork Secrets as a virtual delivery program. 




Please see below for some resources for emergency mental health services in the event you need to connect with someone prior to our registration being opened again. 

If you need to connect with Our Place Staff - please call 519-571-1626 ext. 1021 or by email to 





TTY: 1-877-688-5501





Grand River Hospital


If you or someone you are providing support to is in crisis and needs emergency mental health services, go directly to Grand River Hospital ER where Crisis Services is located. Primary health care providers can make referrals to Adult Outpatient Services Mental Health Services


Cambridge Memorial Hospital